The Year the Earth Stood Still, The Start of the Trunkin’ Story

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They say the greatest heroes are forged in crisis. Amid the human catastrophe unleashed by the pandemic, we have had no greater opportunity to reinvent ourselves into everyday heroes. It is the spirit of #CovidHeroes that inspired the Trunkin’ team to step-up and lend a helping hand to our brothers and sisters practicing one of India’s most time-honored traditions.

As the world struggled and economies collapsed, one of India’s national treasures struggled for survival.  Culturally and economically essential to India’s identity and welfare, rural artisans reached the brink of ruin. Practicing one of India’s most visually opulent crafts, the time-honored tradition of bead artistry and embroidery has been handed down through generations. The commerce around this skilled trade provides a life sustaining income that lifts up the artisans, their families and communities.  Rich in skill but limited in assets, these crafts people were immediately impacted by the fallout from the global financial meltdown and resulting bankruptcies. Undeterred by hard-times and with extraordinary dedication, the crafters continued to ply their trade as the pandemic tightened its grip on the world. Consequently, inventory piled up while income dwindled and eventually dried up, placing the artisans and their families in a very precarious position. 

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Here is where Trunkin’ comes in!   The idea took root shortly after a law student returned home from university in the early days of the pandemic. Restless and with time on his hands, he grew concerned about his friends outside of the city. Having traveled with his father since childhood, he forged deep and lasting ties to these artisan communities. Knowing the situation could not be good, he trekked out to the countryside for a welfare check. Witnessing the pandemics dire impact on these beloved communities galvanized his resolve to lend a helping hand. Springing into action, he assembled a cohort of business and tech savvy minds and they quickly blazed an e-commerce path to reach the consumer market in India. We held our collective breath as Trunkin’ went live. Lo and behold, orders began to trickle in, then steadily build and positive reviews started poured in.  Knowing the Indian consumer is very savvy and discerning when it comes to their national crafts, we knew that if we could impress this crowd, we’d have a real success on our hands! Within six months we sold out our entire inventory and provided the much-needed revenue stream to over 500 Artisans and Designers in the collective! As the situation deteriorates in India, we have resolved to double-down our support for these artisans and bring their products directly to consumers across North America through the launch of Trunkin' India. Based out of lovely New Delhi, Trunkin’ India brings these heirlooms directly to you while providing local support and fulfillment capabilities.

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Now, this is where YOU come in! With each Trunkin’ purchase of our intricately crafted goods, you will personally help our rural artists achieve economic stability, continue to educate their children and bring public services to their communities. Our Trunkin Team and collective of artisans and designers are deeply grateful for your virtual visit to our gallery. We are confident you will find high quality and unique treasures to compliment your home for years to come.

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