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An eye camp was organized for Artisans and Craftsmen at the event themed as Celebrating Artisans and Craftsmen of India. The initiative hosted by Mr. Manav Bhatia founder Trunkin’ focussed on the core mission to help artisans and weavers across the country.

On the occasion, Mr. Manav Bhatia said “Most of us are under the impression that as long as we can see well, we do not need a routine eye check-up. For workers who must be able to see objects up close to perform their tasks, the loss of near vision translates into reduced productivity, excessive effort, and frequent headaches.

Workers in textiles and apparel, rugmakers, weavers, and artisans, fall in this category. One of the very recent studies with Varanasi weavers shows that around 70 % of the handloom weavers and workers need a pair of eyeglasses “adds Manav who has helped the artisans survive the pandemic through new wholesale and retail channels.

Initially, Trunkin’ has been launched on e-commerce platforms in India have now spread to the US, Mexico, and Canada, the traction that these products have gotten is owed to the artisans who made them.It is thus that along with relieving them of their stock Trunkin’ also aims at finding ways and methods of giving back to them.


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